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May 30, 2006

Worth a Mention - May 30, 2006

Halo Movie in Limbo

(ve3d.ign.com) According to TeamXbox, the Halo movie has been changed to a 2008 release:

The directorless film adaptation of Microsoft's popular video game will be executive produced by triple-Academy Award winners Peter Jackson and Fran Walsh via their WingNut Films banner. The Halo script was penned by Alex Garland (28 Days Later), who was paid $1 million by Microsoft to write a script that met Bungie's approval.

With the third installment in the game series rumored to be connected with the silver screen adaptation, could the delay of the movie affect the release of Halo 3 or are they both planned to arrive in winter 2007/2008? According to Bungie, Halo 3 and the Halo movie will not affect each other in terms of release dates.

Spiderwick & 3D Journey Set Up In Montreal

(sneakpeektv.blogspot.com) The success of Montreal-based CG houses working on Frank Miller's Spartan war epic 300, has prompted Paramount to land Roger Corman-alumnus, writer/producer John Sayles to set up shop for the Spiderwick Chronicles at Mel's Cite du Cinema studio, in Montreal.

Spiderwick will begin shooting in August for 16 weeks, budgeted at $110-million, based on the bestselling books by Tony DiTerlizzi/Holly Black and adapted for the big screen by Sayles.

The film is to be directed by Mark Waters, whose previous films include Mean Girls and Freaky Friday.

The books tell the story of three young siblings who enter a magical world.

The studio will also be hosting another US film, a new 3-D film version of sci-fi classic Journey to the Centre of the Earth starring Brendan Fraser and produced by Walden Media of Chronicles of Narnia fame.

Journey, budgeted at $40 million, will be distributed by New Line, with a June 30 start date.

Peter Jackson Post Facility Honored

(stuff.co.nz) It's not quite an Oscar, but winning a Wellington Region Gold Award is still an outstanding achievement for Park Road Post. The Peter Jackson-owned post-production facility for the film industry won the award for Creative Gold at the awards two weeks ago. Marketing and brand director Gareth Ruck said: "To be seen to be within the top (of Wellington business) is very important to us".

"To be recognised at the top in a city that is recognised at the top creatively: it's a big buzz. We are proud Wellingtonians and we support Wellington film-makers."

Post-production means taking the film that has been shot, and adding the finishing touches such as a soundtrack. The process also applies to television and advertising content. At Park Road Post, a lot of work has gone into designing a facility that makes it easy for film-makers to go through the stressful phase of putting the final touches to their work.

Just don't ask what the hot films being worked on at the moment are \u2013 secrecy is paramount in the film industry. Park Road Post is unique in the world of post-production for films because it houses a variety of facilities under one roof: laboratory, digital and sound studios in the same place can save time for film-makers.

"This is a boutique facility," Mr Ruck says. "We tailor our service to our clients' needs." And they are coming from all over the world to get their films finished in Wellington. "You could throw a pile of pins at a map of the world, and that's where people are coming from."

In one of his busiest weeks, Mr Ruck said someone from every continent passed through. The completed facility is still only a couple of years old, and he says in some ways they are still finding their feet.

"The industry is establishing how they want to use us, so we spend a lot of time just listening to people, figuring out what they want."

Obviously two academy awards this year for sound in King Kong helped that, but "we can't rest on our laurels," Mr Ruck says. Park Road Post pipped The Beat Girls and Sticky Pictures to win the Creative Gold award, which recognised excellence across a range of local creative industries.

Mr Ruck said more than 60 staff work at Park Road Post fulltime, though that number can swell considerably if work is being done on a major picture. The 10,000 square metre complex in Miramar, Wellington, was developed along with state-of-the-art production equipment by Jackson using the proceeds from the Lord of the Rings series.

Michael Keaton, Bladerunner?

(CGtalk.com) Michael Keaton seems content on swimming in the serious sea for a while though it would be good to see him do an out and out comedy again soon, wouldn't it? - with his latest film, another heavy going piece called Reape, announced today over at Production Weekly.

Described as being in the same vein as Bladerunner (pretty big shoes to fill though, the sci-fi actioner, directed by Scott Kalvert (The Basketball Diaries), tells of a private investigator named Virgil, who finds himself recruited by the darkly beautiful and mysterious Delia. As he begins to work for Delia, Virgil is suddenly immersed in a surreal underworld. The journey also reveals the harrowing answers to the fate of Virgil's own daughter.

Keaton's most recent film is the sports drama "Game 6", opposite Robert Downey Jr, about a playwright who skips opening night to watch the World Series.

Hulk 2 Moves Forward

(cinmatical) The Big Green's sequel will apparently feel like The Fugitive, according to Arad. It figures to be less of a study in anger (although that'll still be a big part of the story, naturally) and more of love story/action flick combo. Ergo, the major cast members in this one (aside from Bruce) will be Betty Ross and Abomination. Every time I hear about a silver screen fight between the Hulk and The Abomination I get all giddy.

Transformers Gets Heat Stroke

(cinescape.com) Michael Bay has updated his official News Blog with some tidbits on the filming of TRANSFORMERS.

We finished our first week. One of the best first weeks on a movie I've ever experienced. We shot over 250 set ups.

I'm working on the military aspects of the film right now in New Mexico at Hollaman Air Force base and the Army's White Sands missile base. The military has been stellar with us. This is the largest military cooperation since Pearl Harbor and Black Hawk Down.

Friday we shot two CV-22's (Ospreys). They fly like aliens dropping out of the sky. We also shot stealth fighters and low attack missile runs (50 feet off the deck) A10 Warthogs. They look so deadly and mean.

We also shot in an army tank grave yard, that has more tanks in it then all of Iraq. The military cast Josh and Tyrese are surrounded with top notch Seal Team members.

I almost dropped from heat stroke on Wednesday in the 118 degree heat. Several crew went down in the heat on these dunes. It is amazing how quickly it can come on - I now see how some of those football players drop dead from heat stroke.

The official blog: http://michaelbay.com/blog/newsblog.html

Star Wars, Kong, Stan Winston Big Winners For Spacey Awards

(news.yahoo.com) Peter Jackson's remake of King Kong and the final episode in the Star Wars series were the big film winners at the 2006 Spacey Awards, while the science fiction series Battlestar Galactica and Stargate SG-1 were tops in television categories.

In an acceptance speech recorded in New Zealand, Jackson spoke of how he felt unworthy of the award and owes a debt to King Kong, in particular the original 1933 classic that inspired him to become a filmmaker.

"I make films for people exactly like you," he said to the audience through the camera. "That's who I am. I'm a fan, I'm a sci-fi, action, fantasy, adventure, horror fan. I'm a genre fan and I really appreciate the fact that other fans respond to our work."

Sin City was deemed the best movie adapted from a comic.

Best movie hero was Batman from Batman Begins and best villain Supreme Chancellor Palpatine from Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith.

The Star Wars finale also won favourite action sequence (the Darth Vader/Obi Wan light sabre duel) and favourite special effects.

There were also two honourary awards. Hollywood's B-movie king Roger Corman was given a Lifetime Achievement Award for five decades of low-budget filmmaking that nevertheless launched the careers of, among others, Francis Ford Coppola, Jack Nicholson, Martin Scorsese and Robert DeNiro. He produced some 350 titles and personally directed a series of horror movies based on Edgar Allan Poe tales.

Makeup effects master Stan Winston was given a Special Achievement Award for 30 years of creating screen monsters and aliens.

X Men 3 Passes $100M - No Sequel Planned

(cinescape.com) Some estimates of this weekend's box office have trickled in. It looks like despite the HUGE opening day (over $44 million) for X-MEN 3: THE LAST STAND, it won't be able to beat SPIDER-MAN for the highest opening weekend of all time.

Not to worry, the film took in an estimated $102 million this weekend, a gross that is stunningly huge.

It should be noted that the $102 million estimate for X-MEN is from Box Office Mojo. The studio is estimating a $107 million weekend, still below SPIDER-MAN. Studios tend to over-estimate box office numbers to make it seem like a bigger event.

With "X-Men: The Last Stand" opening big at the box-office, speculation quickly arose that a fourth "X-Men" film may be rushed into development. The talk came despite the studios insistence that 'The Last Stand' would be the final film in the trilogy.

Well Fox are sticking to their guns, but Marvel head Avi Arad confirmed that there are no plans for an "X-Men 4" in the works, but their two proposed spin-off films are still very much on the cards.

In many ways it now seems that "Wolverine" will serve as the unofficial fourth film sometime either in 2008 or 2009.

X-Men: The Last Stand - $102,000,000

The Da Vinci Code - $33,500,000

Over the Hedge - $27,273,000

Mission: Impossible III - $6,584,000

VES Announces Schedule for Visual Effects Festival

(visualeffectssociety) The Visual Effects Society (VES) announced its lineup of presenters and projects for the 8th annual Visual Effects Festival, now scheduled July 6-8 at the famed Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood, California.

For the first time, the VES Festival of Visual Effects will include an all-access and ongoing showcase of international, experimental, animated and student film works during the Festival's three-day schedule. This will be presented in the Egyptian's smaller screening room, the Steven Spielberg Theatre. The entry area of the Egyptian will be transformed into the Festival Courtyard and will feature vfx and entertainment industry vendors, special displays, and a Hospitality Tent.

Presentatinons include:

The Challenges of Creating X-MEN THE LAST STAND
John Bruno, vfx supervisor; John “DJ” Des Jardin, vfx supervisor; Ian Hunter, vfx supervisor, New Deal Studios; and Kurt William, vfx producer.

A Look Back at ALIENS – 20 Years Later
Alec Gillis, creature fabricator, Stan Winston Studio; Shane Mahan, shop foreman, Stan Winston Studio; Pat McClung, vfx miniature supervisor; Dennis Skotak, vfx co-supervisor and dp; and Robert Skotak, vfx supervisor.

Creating Life One Frame at a Time: The Art of VFX Animation
Panelists: Steve Chiodo, Randy Cook and Dennis Muren, senior visual effects supervisor, ILM.

Bringing a Super Hero Back to Life: SUPERMAN RETURNS
Panelist: Stetson, vfx supervisor.

The 2006 VES Festival of Visual Effects will be open to the public. For more info, go to the official website for the 2006 VES Festival of Visual Effects, www.visualeffectssociety.com, or contact the VES office at (310) 822-9181 or info@visualeffectssociety.com.

CARS Run Even in Rain

(cinescape.com) Even mass amounts of rain couldn't stop the premiere of the Disney/Pixar movie CARS. Over 30,000 people showed up on Friday night at the event staged at the Lowe's Motor Speedway.

The event had just about everything: A 12 lap auto race, giant screening of the movie on four giant screens outdoors, and a peformance by country star Brad Paisley.

Some celebrity arrivals were delayed by the rain, but the event went off almost with out a hitch despite the large amounts of rain.

CARS races into theaters the second weekend of June.

Fantastic Four 2 at Vancouver Film Studios

(sneakpeektv.blogspot.com) According to reports, Fantastic Four 2 based on the Marvel comic book series, is now booked at Vancouver Film Studios for a late August start.

The first Fantastic Four feature, also shot in Vancouver, earned an estimated $150 million at the domestic box office.

Other tenants at the Vancouver studio facility include Battlestar Galactica and Eureka.


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